The essentials

The essentials in six sentences

The 88 Keys for Identifying Problems in Logic and Expression of Thought in Texts is designed for use in any class or professional course. It is based on a general foundation and is flexible enough to fit the context and needs of every class and teacher.

The method supplements and reinforces the formation given in class and enables the student to develop certain fundamental skills touching upon rigor and coherence in the organization and expression of thought.

With a few strokes of the pen, it highlights problems that might in some cases burden a student for years if they remained unidentified.

It links students to explanations and exercises corresponding to his or her own needs.

The method can be used in any class that requires its students to write texts of any length.

It assumes that each student receives a detailed copy of the list and that the instructor spends about 15 minutes of the class (or as part of some other session) to explain its nature and its use.
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