Conférence de Catherine Rioux à Chicago au congrès de l'Association Américaine de philosophie

26 février 2020

À l’occasion du prochain congrès de l'Association Américaine de Philosophie (APA), qui aura lieu à Chicago du 26 au 29 février, Catherine Rioux présentera une conférence intitulée «Hope as the Attitude of Gritty Agents». La conférence sera suivie de commentaires par Michael Milona (Ryerson University).

Résumé de la conférence:
I argue that full-blooded commitment to long-term, difficult projects does not require adopting “grit-conducive evidential policies” – policies of requiring especially strong evidence for the belief that one will fail. I thus challenge Jennifer Morton's and Sarah Paul's account of the “epistemic resilience” involved in grit. My main line of objection against Morton's and Paul's account is that beliefs about one's own prospects that are formed through grit-friendly evidential policies cannot be endorsed on reflection. Agents who hold them should see themselves as guilty of an epistemically objectionable form of chauvinism or immodesty. I propose an alternative account of the epistemic dimension of commitment that avoids this problem. On my view, committed agents do not have to believe that they will succeed. They ought to adopt a doxastic attitude altogether different than belief, namely hope.