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About us

With an interest in the fundamental questions facing humanity, the Faculty of Philosophy actively embraces all fields of basic philosophical inquiry. Its programs explore these questions from the point of view of leading figures and theoretical trends of our times and encourage ongoing dialog with the great authors and founding texts of the philosophical tradition, as well as contemporary philosophy.

The Faculty’s skilled professors draw on a strong commitment to intellectual rigor to train philosophers who stand out for their analytical, critical, and conceptual skills, as well as their writing and speaking abilities. For this reason, private and public sector employers are increasingly calling on their talent.

With a resolutely global outlook, the Faculty of Philosophy regularly hosts well-known professors and organizes conferences and international symposiums. Students benefit from these ties to foreign universities, particularly through the international profile.

Ideas that circulate… 

> in dialogue

Beginning immediately at the undergraduate level, our approach to teaching encourages students to take an active role in philosophical discussion. Moreover, the student perspective is highly valued within the Faculty. For instance, several student-initiated programs and activities (supported by the professors and the administration) contribute to the dynamic intellectual and social life of the Faculty.

> between disciplines

Philosophy is the art of posing questions in order to discover meaning and to delve deeper into the issues at hand. It thus seeks to develop a complex and global style of thinking that is naturally interdisciplinary. The Faculty of Philosophy actively cultivates links with other disciplines, both in terms of teaching and in terms of research. 

> in the city

The Faculty of Philosophy contributes to public discourse through a lively schedule of talks (several of which are specifically aimed at the broader public), through the participation of our members in important public debates on social issues, and through our ongoing collaboration with a variety of cultural institutions in Québec City.

> internationally

With professors associated with multiple international universities and institutions, invited speakers and visiting professors, programs encouraging student mobility at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and research projects with international scope, the Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval is unquestionably engaged in today’s world. 

Some examples of our international profile

Under the heading of the Canada Research Chair Antiquité critique et modernité émergente, the project Reason and Revelation, The Legacy of Ancient Critical Thought [Raison et Révélation, l’Héritage Critique de l’Antiquité]

This partnership, supported at the national and international level by eight institutions, brings together some forty researchers. 

  • Scholarly publications, as well as publications for a broader audience
  • Specialized training via an annual Summer School
  • Professor and student exchanges amongst partner institutions
  • Co-direction of doctoral research and joint-PhD programs between universities 
  • Numerous activities to facilitate the dissemination of research in Canada and internationally (colloquiums, workshops, public conferences, round tables, etc.) 

Laboratory for Continental Philosophy 

The laboratory links students and professors in the Faculty of Philosophy with a group of over thirty international researchers specializing in 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy. This group fosters active collaboration with key research centers in continental philosophy.  

  • Numerous activities to facilitate the dissemination of research (colloquiums, conferences, symposiums, etc.)
  • Co-direction of doctoral research and joint-PhD programs between universities 
  • Reading groups
  • Translation groups for philosophical works between French, German, and English
  • Scholarships associated with faculty research projects 

Ideas that multiply…