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Faculty Members

NameAreas of specialization
Sophie-Jan ArrienPhenomenology, German and French Philosophy in the 20th Century
Luc BéginPublic, Organizational, and Professional Ethics; Philosophy of Law
Renée BilodeauAnalytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind
Gilbert BossPhilosophy of Philosophy, Philosophical Practice and Discourse
Bernard ColletteAncient Philosophy (Plato, Epicureanism, Stoicism, Neo-Platonism)
Philip KneeMoral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Literature, French Philosophy
Claude LafleurMedieval Philosophy
Donald LandesPhenomenology, Existentialism, Virtue Ethics, Feminist Ethics
Luc LangloisKant and German Idealism, Critical Theory (Habermas)
Jocelyn MaclurePolitical Philosophy, Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Law
Pierre-Olivier MéthotPhilosophy and History of the Biological and Medical Sciences
Jean-Marc NarbonneAncient Philosophy (Aristotle, Plotinus), The Legacy of Metaphysics and Critical Thought
Marie-Hélène ParizeauMoral and Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Environmental Ethics
Marie-Andrée RicardGerman Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics
Michel SassevillePhilosophy for Children, Philosophy of Education
Victor ThibaudeauAristotelian Logic, Informal Logic
Patrick TurmelSocial and Political Philosophy, Economic Ethics, Metaethics