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Why study Philosophy at Laval University?

An important center for teaching, research, and publication since 1935, the Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval plays an active role in contemporary philosophical life. With more than 400 students (undergraduate and graduate combined), the Faculty offers an exciting and stimulating environment for philosophical thought. 

Choose the Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval for…

>  the opportunity of studying in a French environment

Studying philosophy at Université Laval offers students an amazing opportunity to develop their French-language skills while still pursuing a part of their graduate research in English! While our graduate seminars and community events are conducted in French, students may submit their written coursework in English. In addition, many faculty members are able to supervise master’s theses or doctoral dissertations in English. For prospective students needing to improve their French-language skills, l’École de Langues de l’Université Laval provides several options. For more information, please contact the Graduate Director.

>  the relevance of our training programs

The Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval offers programs that are current, diversified, and socially pertinent. All of our programs cultivate philosophical reflection on the most fundamental questions and help students develop the intellectual skills necessary for clear, precise, and well-founded critical thinking.

> our research excellence

Research chairs, institutes, and research groups, specialized conferences, scholarly publications… the numerous research activities of our faculty and student-researchers engage with the principle areas of philosophy and serve as a foundation for the intellectual vitality of the Faculty of Philosophy. These activities ensure that the ideas that animate our community are both insightful and current.

> our engaged pedagogy

With nearly 20 regular faculty members, our teachers embrace the task of conveying their passion for philosophy while carefully guiding the students in their studies and their research. Our professors are available outside of class time and meet regularly with the graduate students whose research they supervise.

> the vibrant student life

Two active student associations, a student café, a student-run blog, the philosophy graduate student journal Phares, a peer-mentorship program among graduate students, symposiums, colloquiums, and round-tables aimed at undergraduate and graduate students… all of this makes for an exciting and stimulating environment for the study of philosophy!

> financial assistance

More that $150,000 in merit-based grants are distributed to students each year in the Philosophy Faculty. A number of grants based on student progress are also offered. 

Funding for International Students at Université Laval

> Université Laval and the wonderful French atmosphere of Québec City 

Consistently ranked among the top 15 large research universities in Canada, Université Laval offers a full range of university programs and disciplines, all nestled within an exceptional milieu : a spacious campus, a modern sports complex, a vibrant cultural and social life, and a dynamic city that is recognized as a treasure on the UNESCO World Heritage List.