Brief presentation of the method

The 88 Keys is a method that enables one to easily and precisely identify problems of organization or expression of thought present in a text written by a university student in whatever field.

The method is intended for all teachers who wish to contribute to the formation of students in what concerns the organization and expression of thought, while at the same time forming them in a specific field of study.

The method is based on a coded list enumerating diverse problems concerning the principal parts or the totality of a text, the expression of ideas, and the thinking process itself.

The method includes a series of notes illustrating and explaining each problem in greater detail. These notes also include detailed references and exercises that may be useful to students who encounter one or other of these problems.

This coded list of logical problems may also be useful for students who wish to improve their writing skills as part of self-study. The list shows them in a concrete manner a whole series of errors to be avoided, and furnishes them explanations and diverse reading and exercise references that will help them organize their ideas and clarify their written expression.

The coded list may also serve to demonstrate some applications of skills developed elsewhere, such as the course on "Principles of logic" offered by the Faculty of Philosophy of the Université Laval (Quebec City) to students of all programs.

Some details

The use of the method of the 88 keys is recommended by the « Teaching Services [Bureau des services pédagogiques]lien externe ».

The material associated with the method (lists of problems, explanatory cards; etc.) can be used by whoever, with the following mention:

Rights reserved to Victor Thibaudeau, Faculty of philosophy, Laval University, 1998.

However, we wish to be informed of the use you can make of the method. Please drop me a line by Emailcourriel. That doesn’t engage you with nothing!

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More details (not yet translated) are given in the french side.

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